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The Challenge

Bald Eagle Sports Camp mission is to help build and develop leadership skills through sports activities. They are passionate individuals who work closely with kids at these camps and activities — across several locations. Our goal was to help them worry less about the ‘behind the scene’ items such as registrations, roster management and other clerical work — allowing them to focus more on their core business values and growth. To reach this goal we had to identify the existing problems and pain points.



Bald Eagle’s previous registration required a lot of manual input, intervention and upkeep. It was not robust enough to tackle the surprising complexities of registration for sports camp. Take into the consideration child pick up, allergies, ailments, etc. and you quickly have a lot to manage. On top of this the user found it difficult to register online and usually required follow up emails to confirm such details.



Once someone signed their child up for a sports camp there is a lot more that needs to happen. Rosters need to be created and distributed per location. Foods, drinks, snacks, gear, uniforms and much more need to be accounted for based on the attendance.



The heart and soul of the Bald Eagle application is in the power of the backend reporting system. Management gains valuable data from the analytics of the site. More importantly, they have P&L statements at their fingertips.


Research & Strategy

  • Brand Strategy


  • Web Design


  • Responsive Web Development
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom Admin Tools

The Solution

Once we identified the problems Bald Eagle was facing we knew we could help. The first task was to bring everything under one roof. There were multiple plugins and third parties handling the every day tasks needed to keep the business up and running.

Web Design and Develpment

Bringing everything in-house allowed Bald Eagle to have full transparency to everything happening logistically within the company. It also allowed to have complete control. With all of the intricacies of sports camps we were able to capture this information from the end user to allow the business to handle it appropriately. Once this information was captured we were able to develop a tool that automated roster generation for each location Bald Eagle has to offer.

On the field in minutes

All of these in-house solutions greatly benefited the end user. Now users could see up to date camp details, register and pay all within Bald Eagle Sports Camp. Once users signed their children up for a specific camp a confirmation email is sent with all the relevant details to get their child ready. Users can easily register on the web or their mobile device.

Users children information also got an overhaul. As safety is a major concern, Bald Eagle needs to have information about each child. From dietary restraints to jersey sizes, users can now maintain their children’s details within their account.

A custom content management system and administrative tool was developed to allow Bald Eagle to make quick content updates to the site and see how each camp and location was performing in real time.

These solutions have saved time, eliminated frustration and increased revenue. It gave Bald Eagle Sports Camp ease of mind knowing that this crucial information can be automated and distributed appropriately without manual intervention. It allowed the coaches to spend more time at the camps with children and less time behind a screen.

Web Design and Develpment

When I saw the end product, I was literally on cloud 9.

Bob McFarlane

Bald Eagle Sports Camp

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